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Hi! I’m Alice. I’ve been teaching Pilates and Movement for over 10 years, and am now undertaking training to become an Osteopath. I have an analytical approach, influenced by my scientific background and interest in biomechanics and developmental movement patterns. However I always tailor my teaching to the people in front of me, and my main aim is to help people find pleasure in moving and tuning in to their body. I like to work functionally, so that what is learnt in class is relevant to daily life, and I don’t believe in the ‘no pain, no gain’ point of view. 


As psychology plays such an important part in our felt sense of movement, I try to use language and imagery to enhance the experience. I like to be creative and use different techniques to tune in and become aware of what is happening in the body, sometimes coordinating with the breath, but in an inquisitive, playful way.  I believe in the body’s inherent wisdom, so it’s not a question of imposing but setting up and allowing the fundamental movement patterns to be revealed, perhaps with a little tweak here or there. 


When I’m not pursuing my interests in movement and the human body, I enjoy getting out for long walks in the countryside with my dog (and my husband too if I can persuade him!) I’m a home bird at heart but I travel quite a bit as my husband works overseas and we have friends and family flung far and wide. I dream one day of being settled in a remote cottage overlooking the sea, but for now I’m happy to call Maidstone my home. I look forward to seeing you in class very soon!

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Awareness Through Movement

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Alice Parasram

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