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I have been a Sports Massage therapist since 2007, a Pilates teacher since 2009 and a Yoga teacher since 2014 alongside doing professional dance work and dance teaching.  My Yoga teacher training took place in India with an Indian teacher that was very traditional with  meditation,  pranayama, kriyas and an Ashtanga practice daily.  It was an amazing, unforgettable experience that changed my outlook on life in body, mind and spirit and I have since spent a lot of time in India for deeper training.  


I first came across Pilates and Yoga when at Middlesex University studying dance, with particular focus on dance science and the biomechanics and anatomy of the body.  Pilates and Yoga formed part of our dance training and I found it helped the awareness of my body, improved my posture, prevented injuries and increased the strength of my dance training immensely.  I knew I would teach both practices one day to pass on all of the benefits and knowledge I had discovered.  Sports Massage was offered as part of our training and I couldn't believe how much of a positive difference this made to my dancing and physical health, and from that point on I knew I wanted to learn more about it and be able to offer it to others one day.    


I now run an injury clinic, Inline Health, offering Sports Massage and teach various styles of Yoga and Pilates.  My classes are very friendly, and I like to walk around the class and make sure everyone is in the correct position and getting the most benefit from the exercise.  My classes are like my philosophy in life, work hard but have fun on the way!

In my free time I love walking in the countryside where I live and taking my little girl to see the cows and goats on the farm nearby. As well as taking part in regular Yoga and Pilates practices to help focus my mind, release stress and stay mobile.

Class Schedule


11am - 12pm

Yin Yoga

Studio & Online


7pm - 8:30pm

Ashtanga Yoga: Full Primary Series

Studio & Online


7:30pm - 8:30pm

Beginners Ashtanga Yoga

Studio & Online


9:20am - 10:20am


Studio & Online

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Alison Newsome

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Massage Therapist

Studio Manager



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