About Me

I am a highly motivational Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer who is fully committed to supporting clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. I have a proven ability to design and implement tailored programmes and achieve consistently successful results. My clients have often commented on my excellent rapport-building skills, as I can communicate with clients on all levels, in both group and 1 to 1 situations.


First and foremost, I prefer to think of myself as a coach who has been fortunate enough to coach a diverse age range, from young to mature, including coaching children in football and taking senior classes that focus on functional movements.


My main objection is to teach you the fundamental back to basic skills of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. My focus is to teach you the core values of fitness and nutrition for healthy lifelong sustainability, rather than just a quick fix!


I look forward to working together to figure out what style of training works best to keep your training consistent, energising, sustainable and most of all, fun!


If you dread the thought of coming to one of my classes or sessions, then I am doing my job wrong!


The energise approach of small group training is perfect for how I like to run my sessions. I want you to ask me questions and encourage interaction. I never want it to be 45 mins of me barking orders at you; although you may come away with a decent workout under your belt, you may not have reaped the full benefits of the session.


If anything, I would prefer you came away from my sessions with just as much mental sweat as physical! Having other members working alongside you can be such a great motivator, and I want my sessions to include a mental exertion to go along with the physical one! 


I look forward to seeing you at Energise! 

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Ben Davis

Small Group Training