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Fri 2nd Sept, 7:30 - 8:45pm

Gong Bath and Sacred Cacao Ceremony




1.25 hours

About the Workshop

Experience an evening held in Celebration of Ceremony as we bring together gentle, yet powerful, Cacao Plant Earth Medicine and Celestial Gong Sound Healing to create deep connection, empowering liberation. 

Take this time to fully relax, access deeper healing, to balance your body, mind and soul, tapping into your intuition, your inner guidance. Embrace positive transformation as clear lines of communication develop through the strengthening of heart brain coherence. 

The Ceremony will start at 7:30pm and we ask you to come wearing warm and comfortable clothing, your favourite fluffy accessories such as socks, jumpers, or beanies are all welcome! 


Serving Ceremonial grade, ethically and organically sourced, unroasted Criollo Cacao from Peru, ensures the Cacao shared is in its purest form and of the highest vibrational frequency. It is called the Food of the Gods and the Medicine of the Heart. 


Benefits of drinking Cacao include optimising heart health, assisting the brain with focus and clarity, full of antioxidants and a prime dietary source of magnesium, raw Cacao also contains the bliss chemical, a natural mood lifter that can help to improve depression. Rejoice in pleasure, generating more joy.

What is a Sound Bath?

There is no water involved, the word "Bath" refers to the listener bathing in the sound and vibrations of the Gongs.

Things to consider before booking

It is worth noting that each person is different and will have a unique, individual experience during a Gong Bath.


Whilst for the majority of people, it is a deeply healing, relaxing and restorative experience there are some cases in which this may not be for you. 


For example:

  • If you suffer from tinnitus or any sound related epilepsy.

  • Are in your first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Currently taking, or have been receiving, medication for any form of psychological disorder within the last 6 months.

  • Have a pace maker or any metal plates in your body.


You may experience visuals, such as a dream-like state or seeing colours, temporary physical sensations as you undergo physical healing. 


You may experience different emotions, for example feeling blissful or tearful as you undergo deep emotional healing. All of this can depend on what you yourself are bringing to the session, physically, emotionally and mentally. 


Listening to the sounds of the Gongs is generally a relaxing and meditative experience. However, it is possible that you may experience a dislike for a certain Gong at a certain time during the session. Usually this means you have healing to do in a certain area, which this Gong can help with.

Your Instructors

Ellie is a Sound Healer and Social Worker as well as a trained Reiki Practitioner and Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher. 

Ellie is a Sound Healer and Social Worker as well as a trained Reiki Practitioner and Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher.