1-2-1 sessions

Our 1-2-1s are a great way to get undivided attention and get to the route of your wellbeing and how to improve it.

Rossiter Stretching

Rossiter is a two-person pin and stretch technique that enables you as the client to be totally in control with a coach to assist you. Together, we decide the best spot to strategically anchor your tissue, then you, the client, take charge by stretching or performing specific movements to help resolve areas of pain, restriction, and limited movement. The techniques take just a few seconds to execute, and the results are immediate and profound.

Please book in for an initial assessment/first session of working together by calling reception on 01622661883 or you can email directly with any queries to louise@energisefitness.co.uk

Your Instructor: Louise Massett

Functional Integration

Our Awareness Through Movement class in a 1-2-1 format. Also known as Feldenkrais. In this case the student is moved by the practitioner so that they can experience motion without their habitual motor patterns firing up. This helps engage with the nervous system directly to open up options and new ways of moving, which may be more functional and put less strain on the body. It can be particularly beneficial for anyone with niggling aches or pains, or for rehabilitation after injury and in cases of neurological dysfunction (eg. stroke, Parkinsons, MND etc.) although athletes and musicians also use the approach to improve their performance, as well as people who want to feel physically and emotionally balanced and to age well. There isn’t anybody it won’t benefit!

Taught by: Alice Parasam

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