What does movement mean exactly? To restore and optimise the way you move. Choose between our energetic, and our totally chill classes to revitalise your body and get it back up and running.

Move to Energise

This class is designed to improve your current overall health and fitness and up level your vitality a little more. If you want to feel energised to move, become stronger and upgrade the integrity of your body in a new way, this class is optimal for you. You will work on improving your functional movement patterns to allow you to be in shape and feel in charge of your body at any time. The focus will be placed on strengthening already developed muscle chains and use them in full integrity. Balancing out (primary) front, back, side and spiral kinetic chains in order to access your full potential and feel inspired of your body in a new way. 

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Rise & Energise

Rise and Energise aims to set you up for the day. We will incorporate functional movements and cardio to achieve the “wake up” that will get you simulated for the day (maybe to the annoyance of your work colleagues). In the class you will have a mix of compound and isolated movements with the addition of some cardio based motions to ramp up your heart rate. By combining these elements you will achieve an increase in strength and fitness levels and have that “feel good factor” before you have even started your day. All exercises will have regressions and progressions so it is suitable for all levels. Each month there will be a challenge in the class that will be repeated at a later date to show how you have progressed.

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Energetic Stretch
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