We work closely with Southcote Proactive Healthcare and their counsellors.

Sometimes it's hard to address your physical wellbeing

...until you've addressed your mental wellbeing.


Finding a mental wellness routine that compliments your Classes, Small Group Training or Personal Training, is key for overall good wellbeing.


Our neighbours Southcote Proactive Healthcare have incredible counselling services, and we work closely with the Southcote team to refer you to the practitioner who is right for you.


Counselling, Coaching, CBT and Hypnotherapy are among the services available.

To find out if counselling is right for you, you can book in for our Wellbeing Consultation. This will assess all areas of your health to decide the steps you should take towards better wellbeing.

Or head straight to the Southcote website and book through their reception.

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Find your perfect programme

Our in-depth assessment identifies the steps you can take to improve your health.