About Me

My name is Gabriel, and I am hopelessly in love with movement and the workings of the human body. I have dedicated the last 7 years of my life to better understand how to help you be a version of yourself that you can be proud of. 

Together we will rediscover the joy that can be to use this wonderful body that we have, and I will help you realize, even if you don’t think so now, that your body is indeed wonderful. 

If you are willing to take a chance, I can promise a “no bs” approach, an environment with lots of good and positive vibes, and the know how you need to achieve your fitness and health goals.

To better help you on this journey, I have delved within the health and fitness world for the last 7 years with people of all different ages. After experiencing and studying countless different movement disciplines, going through a degree in sports sciences, and halfway through an osteopathy Master’s degree, I am confident that together we can go the distance.

Hope to see you soon in one of our Energise Fitness classes.

Class Schedule


5:45pm - 6:45pm

Natural Movement


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Gabriel Simis

Small Group Training

Natural Movement Instructor