What does a movement class do exactly? It encourages you to slow down, link breath and motion, and most importantly, optimises the way you move.

Qigong: Movement Meditation

Shibashi Qigong is often referred to as ‘movement meditation' and is a lovely way to describe the style of Tai Chi Qigong we practice as we connect our breath to our movement.  

Tai Chi Qigong calms, yet stimulates and revitalises; relaxes, yet re-balances and strengthens – it encompasses the yin and yang of all things. 

​A new way of working with your body, which calms the mind and the breath and which really can be the perfect tonic to this busy world in which we live. When we listen to our body, we can create the space for it to heal - inside and out.

For all ages and all abilities – everyone is welcome!

Reviva: Movement in Midlife

This class is for women who don't recognise their own bodies anymore, probably as a result of hormone changes in mid-life but not always. The focus will be on bone health, cardiovascular health, core & pelvic floor, cognitive health and muscular strength. You will leave the class ‘revived’ in mind, body and spirit. The class will use minimal equipment but focus on keeping bones and muscles strong, brains healthy, building a community and most importantly putting a smile on your face.

Taught by: Emma Goodman

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