What does movement mean exactly? To restore and optimise the way you move. Choose between our energetic, and our totally chill classes to revitalise your body and get it back up and running.

Natural Movement Class

Rediscover your body and all its possibilities. This class is open to everyone, no matter the level of conditioning, offering an engaging way to develop all the physical qualities necessary to keep your health on track and have fun in the process. 


Together we will explore the body with a heavy focus on body awareness. Sometimes the focus will be more on endurance, other times on balance, and sometimes we will work on body expression, heck, sometimes will even do animal movements! No two classes will ever be the same. One of the major aims of this form of exercise is to incentivize people to learn more about their own bodies and be self sufficient in taking care of their health. This is achieved through an open method for those that are not 100% happy with the traditional fitness approach, or those who just like letting loose and having a good time.

Taught by: Gabriel Simis

Qigong - Movement Meditation

Shibashi Qigong is often referred to as ‘movement meditation' and is a lovely way to describe the style of Tai Chi Qigong we practice as we connect our breath to our movement.  

Tai Chi Qigong calms, yet stimulates and revitalises; relaxes, yet re-balances and strengthens – it encompasses the yin and yang of all things. 

​A new way of working with your body, which calms the mind and the breath and which really can be the perfect tonic to this busy world in which we live. When we listen to our body, we can create the space for it to heal - inside and out.

For all ages and all abilities – everyone is welcome!