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Which of our services is right for you?

We know that it can be difficult to decide where to start. Maybe you know your goals, maybe you don't, maybe you just know you want to start being able to move better.

We take all the stress out of the process with our Wellbeing Consultation.

We make it our job to help you decide which course, class or therapy will be your entry point to better health. Using advanced assessments, and taking the time to get to know you, all in one 45 minute assessment - you'll walk away with the all the knowledge and tools you need to make your decision.

What is included in your Consultation?

There are 3 steps... 


1. The Movement Analysis tests your body's range of movement, strength and flexibility, to see where you're at currently and what you need to work on.

2. The '10S Wellbeing Score' is a full and very detailed health assessment. It asks questions about every area of your health, each one starting with the letter S - Strength, Stream, Structure, Spark, Smoking, Sitting, Stimulants, Stress, Sleep, Social - and uses these to determine your body's Current Wellbeing Age.

3. In your Discussion, you can share your goals, your difficulties, your time restraints, and anything else you believe may affect your journey to better wellbeing. Louise will give her personalised recommendations and you then discuss your options within Energise Fitness.

How much does it cost?

The consultation has a one time cost of only £50.

You are under no obligation to begin an Energise Programme afterwards, and get your results to take home and use regardless!

How do I book?

You can either call reception on 01622 661883 or email