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I’m Rachael and I teach Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga. 


Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative style of yoga. In Yin, we relax into floor-based poses for 3 – 5 minutes, targeting the body’s tissues to release tension and enhance the flow of energy through the body. 


Hatha Yoga is a more dynamic style of yoga, where we use the breath as a guide to move in and out of poses. In Hatha, we learn breathing techniques to support movement, postures that enhance strength and mobility and also practice in a way that supports balance across our whole system.


As well as postures, every class I teach integrates mindfulness, breath work and yogic philosophy. My classes are all accessible, beginner friendly and in each I hope to celebrate the simplicity and potency of the ancient practice of yoga!


My personal journey into yoga began about seven years ago after looking for a practice to support my wellbeing. Since my first class I became dedicated to daily practice, fascinated to learn more. This led me to complete my first 18-month Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 – the first of many – and begin my new chapter of teaching. 


Since then, I have studied Yin Yoga and the energetic body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yoga Therapy for Mental Health, Pranayama courses and Reiki to name a few. 


I love nature and take inspiration from my daily walks with my dog Willow. From watching the birds visit the bird feeder to observing the seasons changing, nature has a beautiful way of bringing me back to appreciate the present moment.

Class Schedule


10:45am - 11:45am

Hatha Yoga

Studio & Online

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Rachael Webb

Yoga Instructor


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