Barre Instructor


I have always had a strong connection to exercise, health and wellbeing. As a youngster, I was involved in every club and activity under the sun.


I went to Glasgow University to studied Human Physiology, and found the body and the amazing things it can do fascinating. After university, I decided to realise one of my dreams and made the decision to train as a professional dancer. I moved to London to train, and after I graduated found I missed the motivation and energy of full time training. I started working as an instructor for a number of gyms and found my passion for energy and movement again! After 4 years of instructing I still find such joy in encouraging others to find what works for them and how exercise can support them in their everyday lives.


I love functional fitness, focusing more on how greater strength or flexibility can positively impact our day to day lives. From this motive I discovered my love for barre which really hones in on specific muscles groups to aid healthy movement. As a professional dancer my body is my tool, I want to encourage others to look after and care for their bodies and minds as we only get one! I love yoga, meditation and dance which I incorporate into a lot of my classes. But don’t be fooled we’ll still get a sweat on and fire up those muscles! You can expect lots of feel good songs to sing along to (probably me singing the loudest!), working muscles you never knew existed and lots of modifications so you can decide what’s best for you. Cant wait to see you soon in class.