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Energise Approach Coach

Hi, I’m Rich. I am a Personal Trainer with years of experience. Throughout my career I have really enjoyed helping people from many different backgrounds and with varying lifestyles. I have done this in a friendly, welcoming environment, whilst keeping focus on the goals set.


I am qualified in Gym Instruction, Personal Training and also Adaptive Exercise for Ante & Post Natal. I have a strong passion towards coaching, not only on your physical appearance, but also your mental wellbeing and nutrition habits, in order for you to make the lifestyle changes you need. I am a strong believer that the mental health benefits that fitness and nutrition offer, are greatly underestimated. 


As well as group sessions I also offer bespoke one to one sessions to suit all ages, abilities and lifestyles. 


I understand that there are many barriers that can stand in the way of you starting an exercise programme including feeling intimidated and also finding the time to get going. I have been there myself, but at Energise you will be made to feel comfortable in a relaxed environment, where you can exercise in a small group with friends and family who maybe feeling the same. You will also get the experience of a great workout leaving you feeling invigorated in no more than 45 minutes! How great is that. 


Please get in contact with me if you you are ready to take the first step on your journey to become the best version of yourself!