Energise Approach Coach


After spending most of my 20's living and working in Greece and then joining the fire brigade and working as a full time firefighter for 4 years I qualified as a PT with Premier Training in 2006. 

Back in 2017 I was FULL speed ahead, running a city Bootcamp and PT studio in London. I had passionately built Burn It Fitness up over an intensive 11 years whilst juggling a young family and a long daily commute from Kent.  I was burning out and feeling the pressure from all sides! Suddenly my life took a dramatic U-turn. We found out we were having another baby!.  It was time for a total change, big decisions had to be made so I sold my London business and finally took some time off to have our little boy, Benjamin.  


Sport and fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Competing at County level in athletics and gymnastic, completing numerous road races, 10k, half marathons and the London 2016 Marathon, which was by far my toughest challenge to date.


Exercise gives me bags more energy to take on life's challenges, for me it also gives me time to prioritise my own health both mentally and physically.  


During my early 40's I discovered the powerful effects of Yoga practice,  it is true magic and has enhanced my life immensely.  I qualified as a yoga teacher to help support others in discovering the amazing powers of yoga, meditation and a positive mindset.


My ethos when working with my clients is to make it enjoyable, to focus on small wins every day and to have a flexible and open approach.


My approach to life is to share my love, smile and appreciation for the little things with everyone I meet.  To look after my body today so my future self will thank me in my old age and to surround myself with positive, kind and growth minded people.


As well as delivering PT and Small Group Training, I teach yoga bootcamps, Family Fit Club, HIIT, Core Conditioning and Circuits.