Yoga Instructor

I'm Shirley and I teach Hatha Yoga, which I've has been practising for about twenty years.  


Hatha Yoga combines asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) which help bring a sense of peace to the body and mind.  My belief is that yoga is suitable for everyone and I enjoy offering a calm environment to explore the possibilities that yoga has to offer.

Yoga has allowed me to learn from my past, empower my present and build resilience for my future.  It is so much more than the physical aspect.  With regular practice you will notice changes to your whole life from your thinking to your actions, bringing with it many benefits.  I definitely attribute yoga with supporting me through everyday life off the mat.


I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, some of whom are my most loyal, energetic students! And I am inspired by the wonderful people that I teach and support them in their practice by offering them a welcoming, friendly class in which to explore safe alignment with the interaction of breath, body and mind.


I am extremely passionate about the mind-body connection and the way in which yoga can heal and transform, having experienced this myself, allowing us to deal with this crazy, busy world and live fuller more peaceful lives.

Class Timetable




Shirley currently has no classes on our zoom schedule.
Check back for more information about when we launch our in-studio classes.

Our launch is dependent on government guidelines and we will at all times follow their advice to keep you and your friends safe.