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Small Group Training

Small Group Training is Personal Training in a small group of maximum 4 people. This service is ideal for people who want a small community who can encourage them and hold them accountable on their journey to feeling stronger in their body.

45-minute sessions

Training with 3 other people

Rolling monthly basis

"I enjoy that my sessions are not only about improving my physical appearance, but also helping to improve my mental wellbeing."

"Energise has provided a happy mix of encouragement, understanding and professionalism which, bound up with a sense of fun and purpose, makes my journey all the more rewarding. I can thoroughly recommend it to others, whatever your age and ability." 


1 session/week - £109

2 sessions/week - £209

3 sessions/week - £279


On a rolling monthly basis. Cancellation available a month in advance.

Monthly membership:

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