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Small Group Training Member

Completed July 2020

Personal goals achieved: 

Now exercises 3 times a week

"For a few years I have been thinking that I need to do something for myself, I wanted to get fitter, but I always found some excuse not to, my main issue was that I didn't feel confident to join a gym or join a class and go there on my own. 

With the start of the lockdown I decided that this was my opportunity to do something. I had more time and money available without having to travel to work. So I started to look around, and I found Energise Fitness. 

Several months down the line I can say that having the courage to send the first email to enquire was the best decision I made in a very long time. Before we even met, Sara said to me "don't be scared I am just a friend that you haven't met yet" and those words stayed with me...and it is true!

I enjoy that my sessions are not only about improving my physical appearance, but also helping to improve my mental wellbeing. I would say that my biggest achievement is that I actually enjoy my training, and now I have the confidence that I was lacking before." 

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Small Group Training Member

Completed December 2019

Personal goals achieved: 

Completed 5k obstacle course

Completed 10k event

"Two years ago today I embarked on the journey of improving my health with Sara Ottley. She’s been amazing - mopped up my tears, encouraged me when I’ve taken a few steps backwards, and guided me (sometimes gently, sometimes with a kick up the backside!) towards doing stuff I never thought I could do. Climbing over huge inflatable obstacles in the driving rain whilst trying to run 5km with the equivalent of a garden pond in each of your trainers is just one example of my memories with Sara.

 I knew I needed someone who would ‘get me’. I didn’t have a normal schedule, worked long hours and flew abroad regularly. 

I use the term coach and not trainer on purpose. Sara is more than a trainer. She has changed many of my bad habits, helped me find a love of exercise and made me think about my wellness in all of its aspects - we've made changes to help me live my best life.

We’re still on the journey, I love it and I’ll be forever grateful." 

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Small Group Training Member

Completed January 2019

Personal goals achieved: 

Completed 10k event

Now runs twice a week

"As a busy working professional and father of four, I was becoming increasingly aware of the many demands on my time and energies and how easy it is to put oneself last! The sessions led me week by week to an increased understanding of exercise, nutrition and the need to put my own well-being higher up the agenda. I can definitely say I have benefitted highly, not just feeling fitter but gaining an increased sense of achievement and self-esteem.
Energise has provided a happy mix of encouragement, understanding and professionalism which, bound up with a sense of fun and purpose, makes my journey all the more rewarding. I can thoroughly recommend it to others, whatever your age and ability." 

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Don't be afraid to come, it's so much fun! It's so much better than going to your regular gym!"


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Come down and give it a go! The staff are very friendly, the equipment is excellent. It's a very good thing to do, and has helped me a lot!"