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I’m Vics from Yomutra and I teach Yoga at Energise. I absolutely love Yoga as a lifestyle, and it spills into every corner of my life now. Yoga and Mindfulness has shown me how to manage busy schedules, get to know myself for who I really am and find physical and emotional peace especially in times of adversity. 


I come from a family of teachers, my parents and I opened a language school in Germany in 2004 (I was 17) and I fell in love with teaching then. I travelled to India in 2014 to attend a Yoga teaching course, which lead me to living there for over 2 years teaching until I travelled to the UK to start my degree in Osteopathy. I will graduate in the summer of 2021. 


I believe Yoga is an amazing tool we can practice with to dive into the depths of our own experiences in life and get to know ourselves better, become more familiar with our own physical bodies and learn to balance our stress. My training in Osteopathy has been a valuable adjunct to my knowledge and I find it helps me all the time when helping my students. I am currently attending a specialist clinic, as part of the last 6 months of my Osteopathy master’s degree in women’s health and headaches and hope to pass on as much helpful knowledge as I can at Energise. 


I offer Yin Yoga (Slow meditative), Ashtanga (the opposite) and Pregnancy Yoga classes. I often host workshops too. I look forward to meeting you and am always happy to book a chat session with you over the phone or video call.

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Victoria Thomas

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