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Recalibrate Wellbeing

Upcoming Course Dates:


Fridays: 19th April - 12th July @ 9:30am

Mondays: 22nd April - 15th July @ 12:30pm

Mondays: 22nd April - 15th July @ 7pm

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"Are you ready to Recalibrate?"

FREE intro talks:

Friday 22nd March @ 11am - BOOK

Monday 25th March @ 2:30pm - BOOK

Tuesday 2nd April @ 7:30pm - BOOK

Recalibrate Wellbeing is a revolutionary lifestyle coaching programme.

You'll meet once a week for 12 weeks in a small group of 6 people. Each week has a new theme and topic to cover, walking you through everything you need to know about Nutrition, Movement, Lifestyle and Mindset. Throughout the course your course leader will help you set weekly goals, learning objectives and tasks, and the following week you'll feed back to the group about how it went for maximum accountability. 

We foster a
supportive, encouraging and uplifting space that aims to educate and empower you to take back control of your life. We understand that every lifestyle and body is different and we treat you that way. We want you to live your absolute best possible life.

Included are also two 10S Wellbeing Age Assessments; these assessments give you your body's age (you may be 45 with a wellbeing age of 57). With one at the beginning and one at the end, we can accurately show you how much you have improved over the course of the 12 weeks.




With 12 sessions, this works out

to £20 per 45-min session.

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